On the Russian roads wanted to enter turbopowered


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Alexey kudenko / RIA Novosti

In Russia may appear high-speed turbopowered, the essence of which — in the competent guided partitioning. It is assumed that a circle be able to drive to three lanes and less lanes with a circular movement, according to “Izvestia”.

As explained to the edition, the head of the project technical Committee, “the Easy road” when Rosstandart Alexander Shumsky, the preliminary national standard (PNST) suggests that the road markings will be less slippery on the “zebras” will have the motion sensors and the roadway before the pedestrian crossings will be narrowed.

The first such intersection may appear in Moscow this year, said the Center of the organization of traffic (TSODD). It was planned to construct on crossing of streets of the red beacon and Chertanovskaya. Due to the emergence of turbopowered this place is supposed to reduce the accident rate and to increase the capacity by 20-30 percent.

“In Moscow they will be applied for the first time, while in Europe turbopowered very popular,” — said Shumsky.

In addition, according to the publication, in Russia there may be traffic lights square shape. In them the bulb will occupy the entire area red, yellow or green section.” People focus not on the shape of the luminous sections, and color. It is proposed to increase the area of illumination, thus making the crossing guard more visible,” explained Shumsky.

According to Shumsky, a standard not yet approved, it can still be amended.

Earlier it was reported that on the Russian roads can be a new special character “Roadside trade.” With such initiative the Deputy of the state Duma Vasily Vlasov. “This mark will contribute to the concentration of those involved in the trade near this sign, which will increase their safety”, — stated in the text documents.

According to the national project “Safe and quality roads” until 2024 has been allocated to new road construction in Russian regions, more than 4.4 trillion rubles. In its framework, should increase the share of roads of regional significance to 50.9 percent, will be eliminated half of the places of concentration of accidents, doubled the proportion of length of roads of urban agglomerations in good condition, 10 percent reduced the proportion of overloaded Federal and regional highways.

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