Passenger smoked a cigarette in the plane and ran into a huge fine


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Christoph Schmidt / DPA /

The British electrician has smoked a cigarette in the toilet of the aircraft of EasyJet and paid the price. Reported by the Daily Mail.

31-year-old Craig Mulvaney returned home after a two-month trip to Denmark. He decided to celebrate the event, drank and smoked on Board the plane, carrying out flight from Copenhagen to Manchester.

During the arrest at the airport he was arguing with the police, who had rendered him a warning for violating the rules of conduct with representatives of law enforcement.

The man was fined 550 pounds (about 44 thousand roubles), and also ordered to pay 140 pounds (more than 11 thousand rubles) as compensation. The maximum penalty for this violation in the UK is 2.2 thousand pounds (more than 175 thousand roubles).

“All I can do is apologize — repent Mulvaney. — I was on a business trip for two months and just in Copenhagen I worked for two years. I’ve never done anything like it in my life. I was so glad to be back home that drank a lot. It was a mistake, and so at first I was not ready to cooperate with the police.”

In may 2019 the Russian actor Alexei Panin was fined for being drunk and disorderly and Smoking on Board a plane EN route from Istanbul to Moscow. He has smoked in the toilet liner, despite the personal warning of the flight attendants.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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