Released socks with bawdy quotes Russian poets


www.vsyako.netPhoto: St.Friday Socks

Russian brand of St.Friday Socks has released a collection of socks with woven on them with quotations from suggestive and lewd poems by Russian poets. This was reported in the Facebook account of the brand.

For socks, you can read phrases from the works of Alexander Pushkin, Sergei Yesenin, Marina Tsvetaeva, Vladimir Mayakovsky: “Young, beautiful shit”, “Drink, otter, drink!”, “Love’s a bitch”, “Let me back”, “the Priestess of pleasure”, “Love the contagion! Love is a plague!” and others. Photo: St.Friday 1/3 Socks

In 2018 Swedish Muslims found in the local stores of H&M socks with a picture of a Lego man with a hammer, allegedly offensive to believers. According to the activists, if you turn the figure, it resembles the word “Allah” written in Arabic. The socks were withdrawn from sale, but the press service brand has issued a statement saying that the similarity of the figure with the inscription was a coincidence and the company had no bad intentions.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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