Robotics wanted to implement in the aircraft and shipbuilding


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Oleg Smyslov / RIA Novosti

In the road map for the development of robotics and sensory systems in Russia need to include aircraft construction and shipbuilding. This opinion was expressed by the head of the laboratory of robotics of the savings Bank albert Efimov, writes TASS. Preparation of the road map is carried out in the framework of the national project “Digital economy”.

“Those are the growth areas for robotics in Russia, which are competitive industries in Russia, and we might as well use it” — he said.

Yet in the roadmap for the development of robotics the priority sectors are agriculture, mining, manufacturing, transportation and warehousing, and also activity in the field of health and social services, said the head of the Center for technology components of robotics and mechatronics of the University Innopolis Alexandr Klimchik.

According to Efimova, of Russia in the development of robotics have to focus on the international market. However, he lamented that in the roadmap there is no focus on how to behave in Russia.

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