Russia said on depressurization of the reactor of the sunken submarine K-278 “Komsomolets”


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Norwegian specialists reactivated the hull of the sunken Soviet nuclear submarine (SSN) K-278 “Komsomolets”. This was stated by the “Moscow Komsomolets” military expert Alexei Leonov.

“If you look closely at the pictures published by the Norwegians, we clearly see that the probe of the apparatus penetrates the inside of the boat, but this is unacceptable! Case plays the role of a sarcophagus like in Chernobyl. And the Norwegians, it turns out, got inside, and now wonder what the radiation level has increased a thousand times,” — said the expert.

Who wished to remain anonymous Vice-Admiral, formerly commander of nuclear submarines, in conversation with URA.RU refused to believe scientists received data. “I’m the gossip do not believe. It’s fiction people who have no idea what is going on and how it works. It’s impossible. The reactor is muted, everything is closed, sealed, and it was all over,” the military said.

In his opinion, the K-278 “Komsomolets” at the bottom of the Norwegian sea “will lie for a long time”. “But all the terminals [a nuclear reactor] Packed. Their protection is the huge pressure that is ten times higher than [the pressure on the sunken submarine],” said the specialist.

In an interview with RIA FAN military analyst, captain first rank of reserve Basil Gindikin called politically motivated message about the radiation leak on the nuclear submarine. “Apparently, the Norwegians not only that, they have got to use tens of thousands of kilometers of our Arctic shelf in the Barents sea, so they make such statements,” — said the expert.

Earlier in July it was reported that the radiation level in the area of the ventilation pipe of reactor compartment of K-278 “Komsomolets” 100,000 times higher than normal, but not a threat to fisheries in the Norwegian sea. Studies conducted on 7 July, deep-sea unmanned vehicle Ægir 6000 research vessel G. O. Sars are used for evaluating the radiation situation in the area of the sunken submarine.

1 July in the Barents sea has suffered accident the Russian nuclear deep-water station project 10831 AC-31 “Losharik”, which, according to the version of the defense Ministry, were involved in the bathymetric measurements.

The submarine K-278 Komsomolets, project 685 “Fin” sank on 7 April 1989 at a depth of 1680 metres, 180 km South of Bear island in the Norwegian sea. Of the 69 who were on the submarine 42 people were killed. The disaster has sparked a fire in the seventh compartment of the submarine. K-278 “Komsomolets” holds the record for dives (1027 meters). The submarine has a nuclear power plant (YASU) and two torpedoes with plutonium warheads.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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