Saved the children from the Muslims the Russians refused to prosecute


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Russian Denis Lisov, who escaped from Sweden to Poland with his three daughters, will not be extradited to the Kingdom. This decision was made by the district court in Warsaw, reports TASS.

According to the judge Dariusz Dubovskogo, extradition of a Russian citizen under the European arrest warrant violates their freedom and human rights. “Swedish authorities seized a Russian citizen three children solely on the grounds of mental illness of their mother, putting Denis Lisova in terms that he could not fulfill,” he said.

The judge said that children are then placed in a Muslim family with the alien to their culture and religion, which could adversely affect their health and psyche. It is noted that in this situation, the father could not bear to look at what is happening.

Sweden in June Lisova declared in the international search.

The Russians in April were detained at the airport of Warsaw with his daughters, 4, 6 and 12 years old, when he tried to fly to Russia. The wife of Lisova in Sweden has found a serious illness, she was in the hospital, after which he raised a daughter alone. However, the authorities decided that the father was unable to cope with caring, and seized them. As a result, children from 2017 lived in a foster family of Muslim immigrants from Lebanon.

When the foxes tried to return with her daughters in Russia, was declared wanted. After the family was detained in Warsaw, Poland took Lisova and girls under their protection. The man filed a petition for granting refugee status.

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