Sold the water from the bathtub blogers exposed


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Blogger Belle Delphine (Delphine Belle) cheated subscribers, stating that sells water, which were washed in his bath. To such conclusion came from a Reddit user with the nickname Watevzzzzzzz, expose the girl.

The user was presented a molecular biologist and said that analyzed the water from the banks, Delphine advertised on your website. As a result, he found that there are no traces of human DNA.

The user suggested that in this way she wanted to prevent others learned her full genotype. This could be done if she really bathed with water from the jar. According to Watevzzzzzzz, each buyer retained check is entitled to apply for Delphine to the court.

In the comments to the post the user DeathByPigeon put the approval of the biologist questioned. He referred to the post Delphine to Instagram in which she claims to have sent the water to only one blogger Pyrocyincal. In response Watevzzzzzzz admitted that the water he got through a friend, and from the website of the store, he didn’t order it.

Delphine put the water from your baths for sale in early July. It is sold in small jars at the store model at the price of 30 dollars (about two thousand).

Earlier blogger made a promise to fans to create an account on PornHub, if her post in Instagram reaches a million likes. When that happened, the girl actually started a profile on pornosayte, but not published there is nothing obscene.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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