Svanidze reined in criticism of the victory of Soviet forces at Prokhorovka


www.vsyako.netNicholas Sanjeeta: Vladimir Trefilov / RIA Novosti

Russian journalist Nikolai Svanidze called the words of his German colleague Sven Felix Kellerhoff about the battle of Prokhorovka unethical and dubbed it “not the smartest” expert. His statement leads portal

Svanidze said that the majority of Germans knows that such statements should not do. He added that in the decades following the war German citizens were careful in their expressions regarding the past military action. Kellerhoff, the broadcaster said, “is not the most intelligent German journalist”.

According to Svanidze, the theme of the great Patriotic war is sacred now, and experts are afraid to touch, lest they be accused of Russophobia. He is confident that historians will have to study the details of the battle of Prokhorovka, and to draw conclusions without politicizing the circumstances.

Previously a journalist with the German publication Die Welt Sven Felix Kellerhoff questioned the scale of the tank battle at Prokhorovka, which is considered to be one of the largest in history. The reason for this was recently discovered historical photographs.

Kellerhoff also urged to demolish the monument dedicated to the battle, as, according to him, the victory of the Soviet soldiers in this field is won.

The battle of Prokhorovka — battle between German and Soviet troops during the defensive phase of the battle of Kursk occurred on 12 July 1943. None of the parties has failed to achieve the objectives set by command.

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