The authorities of the Russian city considered the invasion of rats the norm


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Danish Siddiqui / Reuters

The authorities of Norilsk called the incident an invasion of rats in the city is a regular summer phenomenon. They do not consider the situation critical, the state of emergency will not be introduced, said RIA Novosti in the city hall.

In response, officials stated that the rats became more, not only because of garbage — their number always increases in the summer, and this year is “no exception”. While an exterminator experts are now engaged in not one, but two times a month, and also work on appeals and complaints of citizens and entrepreneurs.

In the city administration has ordered to strengthen the fight against rodents. “Management companies have doubled the number of works on deratization. Residents of the city of Norilsk drew attention to the increase in the number of rats”, the statement reads officials.

Earlier on the channel “Yenisei river” was released the plot of brood in the accumulated garbage rats in Norilsk. According to the journalists, rodents have a month to attack the city, break in city apartments, in basements and entrances of their “hordes”, and the authorities react poorly.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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