The French Minister luxuriously eaten budget money


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The Minister of ecology, sustainable development and energy of France, françois de Rugy spending public funds on luxurious dinners with friends. About it writes portal Mediapart, specializing in investigative journalism.

The money is well spent while working men at the post of the Chairman of the lower house of Parliament (national Assembly) in 2017-2018. During this time, de Rugy and his wife have organized at least a dozen dinners. They were staying at the hotel de Lassay, which is considered the residence of the presidents of the natssobraniya. Were invited to the event from 10 to 30 people, mostly from among friends of the spouses.

During the dinners were served fine wines and champagne, and lobster. In particular, the photos of these meals present Chateau Mouton Rothschild wine (“Chateau Mouton Rothschild”) 2004 Cheval Blanc and Chateau (“Chateau Cheval Blanc”) 2001: bottles of this drink are worth 500 euros each. It is noted that these drinks are kept in the parliamentary cellars, and requires a special permit for their use.

Mediapart notes that the politician prefers to speak of “informal dinner with representatives of civil society, which is associated with the performance of duties” in the post. At the same time, reporters learned that the reason for some dinners were including completely private, for example, Valentine’s Day. Representatives of the de Rugy, in turn, noted that the selection of food and beverages and table decorations, not engaged in the politician, and the special food service.

The Minister, after the publication declared that these journalists “is an exaggeration,” reports BFM TV. According to him, the couple “knew some invited, but didn’t know the other”, and none of them were among friends. During lunch also discussed the activities of natssobraniya, said de Rugy. “I will protect myself and my wife, because I don’t take attacks, we are not to blame for that”, — he said. Wife of the politician noted that gathered belonged to the friendly circle, but the discussion over dinner was always about politics and its consequences.

In June, the wife of the Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu — Sarah Netanyahu — pleaded guilty in the case of misuse of public funds for food in the amount of 100 thousand dollars.

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