The interior Ministry has solved the mystery of the missing money runaway cashier of Bashkortostan


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The cashier Louise Khairullina, a suspect in the theft of 24.5 million rubles from the Bank, stole money from the parts and gradually gave them to her husband, Marat Khayrullin. On Wednesday, July 10, “the” has informed the official representative of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia Irina Wolf.

“According to preliminary investigation body, the man repeatedly came to the Bank where the wife worked and received the stolen money, including foreign currency. In the future, he contributed funds to the personal account and spent, betting on sports events”, — said the Wolf.

Wolf also noted that in the capture of Marat Khairullina, which detention previously reported, was attended by the staff of the regional Directorate of the Federal security service (FSB) of Russia.

Earlier, on 10 July it was reported that Khairullin gave an exclusive interview to the program “Let them talk”. According to him, he drove his entire family into huge debts to bet on the tote, and he persuaded the wife to go on stealing.

The man also said that it decided to communicate to journalists and the speech on television to ask Russians about financial aid, and his wife is innocent. It is assumed that some of the details mentioned by Khairullin, can affect the course of the investigation.

Khairullina Louise lost her husband and two children in late may. The consequence considers that she learned from a Bank branch, where he worked, about 24.5 million rubles. Before escaping Khairullina removed almost all of its pages in social networks. In late June police found the car the woman in the garage of her father. The car was linen, in connection with which the security forces suggested that Khairullina were hiding there for some time. 4 July, the interior Ministry announced the arrest of the alleged kidnapper.

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