The paralyzed survivor in “the Lame horse” to speak with the family first time in 10 years


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Michael resurrection / RIA Novosti

The bartender burned in the Perm club “Lame horse” Irina Bannikova, which for the last 10 years confined to bed because of the resulting fire injuries, will be connected to the system “Nanocat” and be able to communicate with children and other relatives, writes “Komsomolskaya Pravda. Perm”.

The Ministry of health gave her the device for free. For the money the family bought a laptop, to connect to a special helmet. It reads electrical impulses in the brain, and reproduces on the screen a person’s thoughts.

Camera gave the woman the Ministry of health for free, and a special laptop, the family acquired their money. A helmet connected to the computer, transforms the thoughts of the person and outputs their text letter by letter on the screen. 10-year-old son of the woman who never spoke with his mother, but now got the opportunity. He hoped that some day she read him a book.

“I want to talk to mommy, talk about school, friends, and the letter, which gave me a good education. Mom looks at me, listens, but says nothing. And I’m getting bored,” added the child.

Now the family is waiting for will be able to communicate with a speech therapist and learn how to use the program.

On the night of 5 December 2009 Irina Bannikova was at work in the “Lame horse”. During a fire that killed 156 people, she inhaled carbon monoxide and suffered serious brain damage. Now the woman can’t move and talk. It is considered one of the worst affected.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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