The pensioner was forced to pay for proper Parking


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A resident of the UK claims that it unreasonably fined for wrong Parking. Reported by the Daily Mail.

79-year-old Irene Smith (Irene Smith) parked the car near a network of supermarket Aldi. Built-in on-site device company ParkingEye scans license plates of vehicles in the Parking lot and automatically give tickets to drivers whose auto is not in the system. The pensioner explains that he followed all the rules and at the entrance to the shop has introduced a registration number in a special machine.

A few days later, Smith came a penalty of 40 pounds (3.2 thousand), which was later increased to 70 pounds (5.6 thousand) for late payment. The woman sent representatives Aldi check, which confirmed that she bought that day products in their store. Later she came to the supermarket and spoke to the Manager. He assured the client that the penalty will be cancelled.

Smith returned home and some time later received another letter stating that it shall, within two weeks to pay the company 70 pounds. The Briton told about the incident to local media to draw public attention to the incident. As a result, the company ParkingEye cancelled exposed to the pensioner the fine.

In March it was reported that in the UK family is made up dad’s funeral 14 seconds later allotted and received a fine of 200 pounds (more than 17 thousand rubles). According to family members, the memorial service ended at the agreed time, but one of the participants of the service moving with the help of sticks, took the time to leave the chapel.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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