The woman became a millionaire, bought shoes and continued to work at the hospital


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The winner of the lottery from the UK has admitted that a huge prize in a lottery is not much changed her life. Her story shared the edition of the Daily Record.

Ruth Breen (Breen Ruth) won a million pounds (79,4 million rubles at the current exchange rate) in the EuroMillions lottery in July 2014, when she was 35 years old. The woman remembers that not much was surprised to an email from the lottery, as it was no different from notices about her previous small wins. When the British opened the message, she was in seventh heaven.

The woman admitted that she first bought a “new outfit and sweet shoes.” Brin said that long dreamed about a pair of expensive Jimmy Choo shoes and was glad to realize a long-cherished wish.

The British sent at that time 11-year-old daughter to private school and give her a little trim change, however, not resigned from the hospital where he works as a midwife.

“Yes, a million is a serious amount, but not enough to retire in 35 years,” she told reporters.

Brin admitted that he still buys lottery tickets in hopes to once again hit the jackpot.

In April it was reported the couple from Ireland who won the jackpot of 5.5 million pounds (to 436.6 million rubles at the current exchange rate). The husband and wife decided to quit work, pay off the winnings debts and to “live as before”.

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