Venezuela commented on the rumors about Russian soldiers


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Carlos Garcia Rawlins / Reuters

Statements by Americans about the hundreds of Russian military, allegedly in the territory of Venezuela, have under itself no bases. About this “Interfax” said the military attache of the Venezuelan Embassy in Russia josé Rafael pérez Torrealba.

According to him, the employees of military agencies of the US bilateral agreements between Moscow and Caracas. In this regard, their statements are just opinions and “baseless assessment is not credible”.

Peres explained that all the Russian military temporarily stationed in Venezuela, part of a group of military-technical exchange. Attaché added that they advise and serve the previously delivered weapons.

Earlier, the head of the southern command of the U.S. Armed forces Admiral Craig Fuller, stated that hundreds of Russian troops remain in Venezuela for the protection of President Nicolas Maduro.

On 5 July the Russian foreign Ministry reported that Russia will help Venezuela to strengthen the capacity of its armed forces. Then again Russia has rejected speculation about a military presence in Venezuela.

The Russian side announced that it is withdrawing its specialists from Venezuelan territory, June 26.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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