Vice-Prime Minister of Italy disown rubles and vodka from Russia


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The Minister of internal Affairs of Italy and the Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini said that he had not received from Russia any money. His words on Wednesday, July 10, the newspaper La Repubblica.

“I’ve said this in the past, but again today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow: I never got a penny, a dollar, or a Euro or a liter of vodka in funding from Russia”, — said the head of the interior Ministry and part-time leader of the Italian party “Northern League”. So he responded to the material BuzzFeed about Moscow’s attempt to become his sponsor.

Before that, former Prime Minister and now Senator, Matteo Renzi has demanded from Salvini explanation. According to him, the information about the attempt of transfer of money — or “fake news” (fake news, literally “fake news”), or a sensation. “You would have to use Russian oil money to Finance the “League”? That would be crazy. To clarify the situation can only Salvini, and he must do it immediately,” — said the Deputy.

Before 10 July portal BuzzFeed has published the audio recording of negotiations in which, allegedly, the voices of six people — three representatives of the Kremlin and three from the party of Italian Deputy Prime Minister. States that in October 2018, they met in Moscow and tried to agree on the financing of Salvini.

The article notes that the Italian electoral law prohibits large donations from foreign governments, so the meeting was kept in secret. Under the deal, Russia was supposed to transfer tens of millions of dollars of party Salvini, whom the publication calls “European Donald trump” in exchange for political loyalty.

Journalists are unable to establish the identity of Russians and failed authentication record. About the outcome of the meeting is not reported.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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