Customs officers of Domodedovo lured on awarding and detained for bribery


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Kirill Kallinikov / RIA Novosti

Nine customs officers of the Moscow airport Domodedovo — eight rank and file employees and shift — detained on suspicion of taking bribes. On Thursday, July 11, reports REN TV.

According to the channel, the suspects were invited to the awards ceremony, however there they were waited already by employees of Department “K” of the Federal security service (FSB) of Russia. According to preliminary data, all of the detainees had long been in the development of special services — their guilt is confirmed by video and audio.

Everyone suspects a different amount of bribes and the seriousness of the crime. Meanwhile, according to “Moskovsky Komsomolets”, all the detainees are involved in a criminal case under article 290 of the criminal code (“receiving bribe”), the investigation of which involved the Main investigatory management (GSU) Investigatory Committee of Russia (TFR) in Moscow.

Furthermore, detained nine, and ten customs officers of Domodedovo. Two of them held high positions: this the main state customs inspector Vladimir Chernitsa and Deputy head of the customs office Evgeny Lapshin. The other suspects — the ordinary customs officials.

Nun, Lapshin, and their colleagues Sergey gayvoronskiy, Elena Tkachenko and Oleg Shevchenko was arrested Basmanny court of Moscow on 9 July. On 10 July, the court chose a measure of restraint five customs officials — Catherine Rusinol, Violetta Verbova, Constantine Bagreeva, Yana Kolosova and Alexandra Eleveu. Eloeva, Tkachenko and Lapshin was sent under house arrest until September 5. Rest for the same period were sent to jail.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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