Germany was ordered to take a wife of the terrorist


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Ralph Orlowski / Reuters

The Ministry of foreign Affairs of Germany should repatriate from Syria German wife and three children men suspected of participating in hostilities on the side of the terrorist group “Islamic state” (IG, is prohibited in Russia). The decision adopted by the court in Berlin. About it reports Reuters.

According to the representative of the court, this is the first such verdict against government agencies. Thus the foreign Ministry must first verify the identity of the woman and her children, and only then proceed to their repatriation.

The press service said that the family had sued the Ministry after his staff refused their request for assistance. It is noted that the mother with the children wanted to return to Germany from Syrian territory controlled by the Kurds. However, the Agency proposed to take only a minor, leaving a woman in Syria.

The court explained that the man, who is considered a militant, left Germany to the Arab Republic in 2014. With him he took his wife and two daughters who are now seven and eight years. While in Syria two years ago, the woman had a third child. The fate of her husband is unknown.

The Kurds have repeatedly stated that they are unable to leave forever in the Syrian territory of foreigners. Currently in camps in the territories that they live thousands of wives and children of militants.

In June, the Kurdish authorities who control the North-Eastern regions of Syria, gave the European countries of 14 orphans, born in the families of militants of the “Islamic state”. The minor was taken by the representatives of France and the Netherlands.

Before it was reported that in the United States from Syria returned children and women associated with the “Islamic state”. Eight American nationals were among thousands of others, joined the group.

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