In an Indonesian prison came up with a way to defeat the gays


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Homosexual prisoners in the prisons of the Indonesian province of West Java decided to put in isolation facilities to avoid being “infected with homosexuality” the other prisoners. It is reported by Coconuts Jakarta.

This measure is planned to apply due to the fact that prisons are very overcrowded — they can contain about 15.6 thousand people, and they are more than 23.6 thousand. “As a result, people touch the feet, heads, bodies, and appear gay and lesbian people,” said liberty Sitinjak, the representative of the Ministry of justice and human rights in the region.

According to him, now in prison will be separated from “normal” prisoners, those found guilty of homosexual acts. So they will not “satisfy his biological needs” and “sexual disorientation” will not apply.

Responsible for the maintenance of prisoners Ministry official also said that in custody they will be offered psychological and religious advice, and also check for sexually transmitted diseases.

As writes the edition, in Indonesian society it is widely believed that homosexuality is a contagious disease that can be cured by therapy and prayer. In Aceh, where Sharia laws, the public is the most restrictive towards homosexuals. In 2017, the two men caught in sexual act, there is publicly beaten with rods.

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