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Vladimir Kekhman called the departure of conductor Teodor Currentzis from the post of artistic Director of the Perm Opera and ballet theatre “the action of Judas in the theater world”. His words, reports the newspaper “Moskovsky Komsomolets”.

“What Currentzis? First, he robbed the Novosibirsk theatre, now in Perm, — said Kekhman. — All that, he is in the theatre took: nowhere would not be able to get as much rehearsal, to have a number of free labor, which he had at first in Novosibirsk, then in Perm. To take took — and left the theatre.”

Care Currentzis in Perm Opera and ballet theatre became known on June 21. He led the institution in 2011. The departure of the conductor is tied to the fact that the construction of the new theatre, which a long time could not be solved, was brought by Vladimir Kekhman. Businessman denies involvement in the St. Petersburg construction company “Stroyexpert” which will be engaged in the project of construction of the stage of the Perm theatre, claiming that he had been invited as a “theater expert”.

27 June on the website of the theatre appeared a letter Currentzis, addressed to the company. In it he pointed out that officials do not fully understand the essence of what happened: “I wanted to create something not for himself but for the people who live in this city. I wanted to help create a Conservatory to the next generation of great musicians was a Perm, I wanted to give an incentive for talented people to stay here and develop this city. I remember, as I said, the authorities do not consider it appropriate to do so, the city has everything, we are the best. Those were the times. I remember one MP said at the session of the legislative Assembly: Currentzis not worth the money. I understand it. Because there are people who do not distinguish between prices and values. Both words have the same root, but often in life they are completely opposite in meaning,” the letter reads.

In 2011 Currentzis left of the Novosibirsk Opera and ballet theatre, where he worked since 2004. Kekhman, who is the Minister of culture of Russia Vladimir Medinsky was appointed Director and artistic Director of the institution in 2015, also accused the conductor that he “left nothing to the theater and took a lot from there”.

Kekhman, the founder of the company Joint Fruit Company supplying to Russia, in particular, the bananas from Ecuador. In 2010, the crates of bananas JFC was discovered a large shipment of cocaine with a total weight of nearly 120 pounds.

47-year-old Currentzis founded the chamber orchestra in Athens in 1990, as a conductor and soloist he has taken part in concert programs of the orchestra of St. Petersburg Philharmonic, St. Petersburg Symphony orchestra, Mariinsky theatre orchestra. In 2008 debuted at the Paris national Opera, has performed as guest conductor of the Bolshoi theatre. Worked as chief conductor and music Director of Novosibirsk state academic Opera and ballet theatre. He also acts as one of the organizers of the festival of contemporary art “Territory”. Currently, he remains the head of Diaghilev’s festival, as well as choir and orchestra MusicAeterna.

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