One of the most brutal killers of Russia asked for freedom


www.vsyako.netOleg Rylkova:

One of the most violent maniacs Russia 52-year-old Oleg Ryl’kov, known as the “Togliatti Ripper”, who is serving a life sentence in the penal colony “Black Dolphin”, filed a petition for exemption. On Thursday, July 11, “the” said Yulia Barinova, representative Syzranskaja city court of Samara region.

According to Barinova, the basis for application rylkova exemption from further sentence was convicted of severe disease. The petition was submitted to the court in June and has already held several meetings. On the last one, which took place on July 10, Rylkova appointed new counsel and the court was adjourned.

The case file contains a medical certificate stating that Rylkova diagnosed. However, the decision about the fate of his petition pending in the court.

Ryl’kov Oleg, born in December 1966 in the period from 1992 to 1995, raped at least 37 girls aged 6 to 13 years. He acted in different parts of the city of Togliatti, according to a single pattern: under the pretext of the need to call an ambulance got into the apartment, where there were only girls, committed rape and was hiding.

In addition, during the investigation Ryl’kov was convicted of four murders, including two children, and during the sentence — admitted in three, and the last confession made in September 2018. Two of these offences maniac was again convicted, but the punishment absorbed new terms. July 15, 1998 rylkova sentenced to death, but due to the moratorium and prior to the cancellation he will serve his life sentence.

In the list of diseases that prevent the completion of the sentence, included 57 of diagnoses, among which is HIV terminal stage, severe forms of tuberculosis and diabetes. Medical confirmed diagnosis is the basis for the release of the convicted person for humanitarian reasons.

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