Rare disease forced the girl to hide from the sun


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In the English County of Norfolk she was born without the iris of the eye, and forced every day to wear sunglasses. This publication reports the Daily Mail.

Two years Rhiannon Kaye (Rhiannon Kay) suffers from a rare congenital disease aniridia, which is accompanied by photophobia. From-for absence of the iris of her eyes are unable to control the intensity of the incoming light. Parents carefully monitored so that in the daytime the house was lowered blinds. Going out into the street, the girl at any time of the year wears a hat and sunglasses.

With age, the young Kay has developed nystagmus (repetitive involuntary eye movements of high frequency — approx. “Of the tape.ru”) and cataracts. On top of that the girl has myopia. The doctors claim that aniridia can cause cancer of the kidney. “It is terrible to assume that your child will get cancer,” admitted 36-year-old girl’s mother, Teresa Kay (Teresa Kay).

“But she has such acute hearing. She can hear from our house a car stopped, although I don’t hear it”, — said Teresa.

Aniridia is found in only one of the 75 million children around the world. The disease is accompanied by pronounced reduction of visual acuity, photophobia, horizontal nystagmus, and congenital glaucoma sometimes.

In April it was reported about the inhabitant of the British city of Kingston-Veneer-hull, who spent his whole life avoiding sunlight due to a rare hereditary disease. In 18 months, Joshua Barnfather (Joshua Barnfather) found a pigmentosum pigment — a mutation that increases sensitivity to ultraviolet radiation.

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