Rescue Georgia from Russia found in nuclear weapons the United States


www.vsyako.netShalva Natelashvili: Georgian Labour Party / YouTube

In order to protect Georgia from attacking Russia and its aggressive neighbors, it is necessary to host a US military base with nuclear weapons. This was stated by the leader of the labour party Shalva was Natelashvili, writes “Georgia Online”.

According to the politician, Moscow plans to “blow up” its military bases on Georgian territory, and then lay in the Borjomi gorge, a sanitary corridor to the base of Gyumri [Armenia]. “So only at this stage that strategically balances the region and the state will save us is the opening of American military bases and propaganda, and propaganda in the world that we are a nation that is subjected to genocide,” he said.

Also, according to Natelashvili, Russia wants to split Georgia in parts. It is enough to a regional crisis, or a global deterioration on the Ground, or that the allies didn’t have time for the problems of Tbilisi, he said.

In early may, the President of Georgia Salome Zurabishvili declared that is not ready to approve the placement on the territory of the country the U.S. military base. In her opinion, the government should not take steps that may be perceived as a provocation. The words of the head of state criticized the local opposition. The parties of the “European Georgia” and “United national movement” stated that Zurabishvili is engaged in the reproduction of the Russian propaganda.

Relations between Russia and Georgia escalated in June. The reason for this was the thousands of protesters outside the Parliament in Tbilisi, which took place after the visit of the Russian deputies to the country. In connection with the meetings the President of Russia Vladimir Putin has signed a decree banning direct flights between the countries. The ban came into force on 8 July.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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