Russia threatened the British media “mirror measures”


www.vsyako.netMary Zaharovitch: Mr Song / RIA Novosti

British media operating in Russia can face the mirror measures after RT and Sputnik Agency was not allowed to the conference on freedom of the media in London. This was stated by the representative of the Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova at the briefing, its entry is available on page offices in Facebook.

“We always proceeded from the principle of reciprocity,” she is quoted by “Interfax”.

The diplomat noted that the publication should be ready for consequences because of the actions of the government of the United Kingdom.

9 Jul Zakharov asked to provide concrete facts on the basis of which RT and Sputnik were denied accreditation. Otherwise, the accusations of the British Moscow regards as “defamation and slander of business reputation in the Russian media, a striking example of spreading “fake news” and disinformation”, she pointed out.

As previously reported RIA Novosti, RT and Sputnik was deprived of accreditation for their “active role in the dissemination of misinformation”. That is the explanation given by the British foreign office, acted as one of organizers of the conference. For examples depodesta advised to contact the regulator Ofcom. He previously accused RT seven breaches of the broadcasting code.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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