Saudi Arabia will make a step towards the recognition of women human


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The Saudi authorities are going to allow women to travel abroad without the permission of a male relative. This is with reference to close to the matter sources according to The Wall Street Journal.

According to the publication, in the Kingdom are going to put an end to the laws which forbid men under the age of 21 and women of any age to leave the country’s borders without official permission of a specially appointed guardian from among the male relatives.

A magazine Insider said that in the country there is a national application for smartphones called Abscher that helps guardians to control women. Despite the protests of human rights activists and charges of “promoting gender apartheid”, neither Apple nor Google has not removed it from their stores.

Under the existing laws, in the power of the guardian are such freedoms every Saudi women as marriage, going to work, waste of money and even a simple walk outside the house. Basically, these rules will remain untouched, but the prohibition of travelling without permission will be shot “at the initiative of the Supreme power”, said the source WSJ.

The World economic forum, Saudi Arabia is located at 141st place out of 149 countries in terms of gender equality.

In 2018, the citizens of the Kingdom were allowed to drive a car and to visit football matches. These measures — part of the programme of crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman for the modernization of certain aspects of Saudi society. Among other things, he has promised to equalize the salaries of men and women.

In December of the same year, the Saudi authorities were accused of torture against women who engaged in political activities. Amnesty International was told that women are sexually harassed, beaten and tortured with electric current.

The right to freedom of movement and choice of residence is one of the fundamental personal human rights. It is included in the Universal Declaration of human rights, which the UN General Assembly adopted in 1948.

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