Shawarma adverted with the help of a Christian Martyr


www.vsyako.netPhoto: home “Shawarma is not far off” in Vkontakte

The owner of the Perm cafe “Shawarma is not far off,” Veronica Burdina used Christian images in the ad. She told that independently comes up with such ways to attract customers and understands that “walks the line”.

Advertising publication on the web café in “Vkontakte”. In pictures of half-naked model in the image of the Martyr confesses his love “divine Shawarma”. “It makes no sense to be a Martyr PP (proper nutrition — approx. “Of the”), when there is a divinely delicious “Gyros not far off”, where you can succumb to temptation without sin to pieces,” reads the caption.

In the words Burdina, they try to do non-trivial content. “There are established patterns that can be found on the Internet, like “divine meat”. There are groups where we discuss the flavors of the Shawarma in Perm and other cities. We need these templates was inspired by these pictures, we do them and were repelled,” — said the owner.

She stressed that when creating advertising is not intended to insult someone or make fun of, because she “is baptized and respectful to all this”.

Earlier blogger Amiran Sardarov invited the President of Russia Vladimir Putin in his establishment and promised to name one of the dishes in honor of the President — “Shawarma for Putin.”

Video, photo All from Russia.


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