Sold the water from the bathtub blogger fabulously rich in the last time


www.vsyako.netPhoto: @belle.delphine

Blogger Belle Delphine (Delphine Belle), who became famous thanks to the sale of water from private bath, offered to subscribers in the Instagram to acquire a big container of such water for 10 thousand dollars (630 thousand rubles). Later she reported that the lot was sold.

“We sell water from the bath for the very last time… Only this time not enough to drown. If you experience incredible thirst, then look no further, you will also get videos where you bathe in the bath, which is sent to you! SOLD,” — she signed the photo.

Details of shopping girl is not revealed.

Earlier, a Reddit user under the nickname Watevzzzzzzz exposed Delphine, after accusing her of cheating. According to him, analysis of water expelled blogersha showed that there is no human DNA. He was sure that the girl hasn’t bathed in sold water and thus deceived buyers. The user also suggested that Delphine didn’t want subscribers were able to decipher its genotype.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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