The dead woman helped the child to be born in the United States


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In the us state of Ohio, the first woman gave birth to a child after a uterus transplant from a deceased donor. About it reports NBC News.

The researchers used the womb of a dead woman in the course of the experiment, which was attended by ten test subjects. Each of them suffer from uterine infertility. The researchers decided to find out whether the deceased be a donor uterus. In 2015, when the project began, surgeons have performed five transplants of organs, three of which ended successfully.

The result of one of such transplants in June this year in the US a child is born. At the moment, two patients are awaiting embryo transfer, and several other experiments are in line for organ transplantation.

Generally, the donors of the uterus become real people. The researchers believe that their discovery could be an alternative method of infertility treatment.

In may it was reported born without a uterus, the American, who was able to get pregnant two years after rare surgery. The woman successfully transplanted donor organ, and in January 2019, she became pregnant. After giving birth are expected in October, she could become the third woman in the world, vinosense child in a transplanted uterus.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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