The desire of the pilot to drink during the flight led to the scandal on Board


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The desire of the pilot of Korean Air to drink wine during the flight led to the scandal between crew members. It is reported by The Korea Times.

The incident occurred on 30 December 2018 in-flight Incheon (South Korea) — Amsterdam, however, the media wrote about it just now. The pilot tried to bring into the cabin a welcome glass of champagne, which was intended for passengers, but he was stopped by a flight attendant. The steward recalled that the pilot is not allowed to drink alcohol at work. “Then you can bring it to me in a plastic Cup” — hinted the pilot.

A few hours after takeoff, he again demanded a glass of wine, but received a new refusal. Moreover, the steward reported on the misconduct of the captain senior flight attendant. He called the entire crew, including the second pilot, who wished not to give to drink to the pilot to understand that his request did not remain secret. In his opinion, it could harm the mental state of the commander.

Despite the arguments of the senior flight attendant, co-pilot told the commander of the vessel about the incident. As a result, between the second pilot and the senior flight attendant scandal. After landing in Amsterdam last wrote an anonymous complaint to the management of the airline.

Korean Air decided not to take preventive measures against the pilot and limited to a verbal warning. “Yes, the captain made a controversial move, but he did not create serious problems,” — said representatives of the airlines. Senior flight attendant demoted, accusing him of provoking the conflict on Board and the use of offensive language in the address of the second pilot.

In November 2018, the second pilot of Japan Airlines was arrested in London for a ten-fold excess of norm of alcohol in blood. 42-year-old airline employee noticed a drunk when he was driving the bus from the terminal in London Heathrow airport on runway. Test for alcohol intoxication, conducted by the police revealed a tenfold excess of standards established in the UK.

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