The eyewitness described killed two Russians in Greece hurricane


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Reuters Staff / Reuters

Eyewitness told about the hurricane that took the lives of six tourists on the Greek Peninsula of Halkidiki. Her words reports “Says Moscow” on Thursday, July 11.

According to the citizen of Russia Tatyana Gevorkyan, vacationing with her husband and children, the storm lasted about half an hour and was accompanied by strong winds and hail. “We are in a campsite in Halkidiki, we have a motorhome. Yesterday, about 22 hours, the storm began, came a hurricane wind, hail the size of an olive, and we stand among the olive trees. It was very scary,” he described experiences Gevorgyan. When the Gale ceased, the family left the town of NEA Moudania.

The tourist added that none of its property is not affected, but the storm smashed property and threw out of the sea to the shore boats. The effects of the weather are eliminated until the morning. “The power went out during a thunderstorm, it is still there. Big gaps in mobile communication”, — said Gevorgyan.

Earlier it was reported that among the dead travelers were two Russians. They turned out to be 39-year-old man and his two year old son. Crushed by a tree near the hotel in Potidea.

In the storm more than 100 people were injured. People turned to local hospitals with fractures and traumatic brain injuries.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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