The United States crossed the Saudi Arabia of friends


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The us Senate introduced a bill that would impose restrictions against Saudi Arabia. The corresponding document was published on the official website of the upper house of the Parliament of the United States.

“The behavior of Saudi Arabia must change. My bipartisan bill concerns the tension in the relations between our countries and aims to change their behavior,” he wrote on Twitter, one of the initiators of the project, James Risch.

The authors of the document demanded to revise inter-state relations. The reason for this was the disregard for human rights and the actions of the Saudis in Yemen. According to the text, the officials of Saudi Arabia will stop issuing visas of Arab countries will limit the right of ownership in the U.S., as well as revise Avialinii.

On 21 June it was reported that the U.S. Senate voted to ban the American President Donald Trump to sell arms to Saudi Arabia. However, the leader of the United States has veto power on this issue, which is going to use.

The United States and Saudi Arabia have a long history of relations and cooperated closely for many years on issues of regional security, oil exports and imports, Economics. Saudi Arabia also was an important ally of the United States in military, diplomatic and financial sector. Relations between the two countries began qualitatively to change after the death of a Saudi journalist Jamal Hakuji the Consulate of Saudi Arabia in Istanbul in 2018.

The Yemeni conflict is in the active phase in 2014. Rebel Huthis allegedly supported Iran and Hezbollah. Against them — the army of Yemen and the coalition of Arab States led by Saudi Arabia. UAE forces involved in the conflict in 2015.

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