The woman moved into an old house and was scared of the curse


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Kerri Moran

The Australian bought a house, found in the yard of the strange object and found he was cursed. Meanwhile, according to the Daily Mirror.

Kerry Moran (Kerri Moran) from Brisbane bought an old house and moved into it. A few days later she dug up in the yard of an unusual subject — a large and heavy ball with a decorative figure of a coffin on the side.

Woman felt that the thing might be cursed. She posted a picture of the strange findings in the social network and said that her daughter calls the thing a dark artifact.

Commentators advised the frightened woman to burn the find and call an exorcist. One of them suggested that it could be a repository for the ashes of an animal or human, so it is necessary to dig back.

The Australian listened to the advice of commenters: she burnt sage in the house and doused the ground in the yard with vinegar to protect themselves from the curse. Moran got in touch with the old owner of the house, and she replied that several years ago her son brought home from school this strange sculpture. The blind student in the classroom, and she decided to leave the thing in the yard. There she found Moran.

On 3 July it was reported tice who stumbled upon a shore on an unusual object, took it home and boredom was cut with a knife. Later it turned out that this amber — hardened sperm whale vomit that is worth a fortune.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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