“Tree man” with a rare disease back to normal life


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Hadassah Medical Center

A Palestinian resident of Gaza city, had surgery to remove multiple growths in the hand. This publication reports the Daily Mail.

44-year-old Mahmoud Talula (Mahmoud Taluli), suffers from verruciformis of epidermodysplasia where on the body there is a huge number of warts, due to which his skin resembles the bark of a tree. A Palestinian was difficult to live with this diagnosis: he suffered from severe pain for over ten years, and his appearance has confused passers-by .

A few years ago, doctors in Egypt, advised him to amputate his hands, but he refused. In 2017, the doctor removed Talula its warts, but later they started to grow again. After that, the doctors decided to cut out deeper the remains of the growths to avoid further mutation.

“The operation completely changed my life. Now I can play with their children,” said Talula.

In the future, doctors hope to completely cure a man with the help of individual therapy. However, his condition is extremely rare and has no special methods of treatment, which complicates the recovery of the patient.

Earlier it was reported that in Bangladesh the owner of a rare diagnosis called “man-tree”, was asked to amputate his hand because of the unbearable pain. The Prime Minister assured that the man does not have to pay for treatment.

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