Accused of torture girl from Ingushetia were involved in the stabbing


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The Mack trial, accused of beating 7-year-old Aisha from Ingushetia, for the first time received a prison sentence in 2010 for what stabbed the man. On Friday, July 12, according to the Telegram-channel Readovka.

As the message on the highway in Ingushetia there was a conflict between the drivers. Driving on the route “Gazelle”, Ganieva has decided to overtake the car in front, but violated the traffic rules and taking the car on a tangent. After that, she decided to escape from the driver “Fields”, but he caught up with her.

The confrontation ended with that incident took out his pocket knife and struck the man stab wound to the abdomen. The court sentenced the woman to 3.5 years of imprisonment, however, because she reconciled with the victim and agreed with the prosecution, the real term was replaced by a conditional with a trial period in three years.

After the announcement and reduce the sentence of the trial had to report to law enforcement, but didn’t. It was, therefore, filed a petition for annulment of probation — a woman found and sent to the colony.

Currently ganaway accused of torturing her 7-year-old niece Aisha. In early July, the child with severe injuries — scars, cuts, burns and bites, were taken to children’s hospital in Nazran and operated.

Ganiev said that the girl allegedly fell into a sewage pit, and before that, she climbed into the pot of hot soup. On 6 July it was reported that the woman was detained, and later sent to jail on suspicion of beating her niece.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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