Accused of treason 75-year-old scientist recognized as political prisoners


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Evgeny Odinokov / RIA Novosti

The human rights centre “memorial” recognized political prisoner accused of treason 75-year-old physicist Viktor Kudryavtsev, said on the organization’s website.

The publication says that the case against the scientist — it is a fabrication and an attempt of some members of the security forces to earn a promotion. Human rights activists believe the work of the FSB is only an imitation of the activities of high national importance.

“The prosecution of Viktor Kudryavtsev is in line with other “spy” cases, which are the result of deliberate state policy and advocacy, which creates in society the atmosphere of wartime, involving the search of a “fifth column” and “enemies of the state”,” added in the center.

In the “Memorial” noted that the transfer of information to foreigners Kudryavtsev had to obtain the approval of two commissions, departmental and Commission on export control of Russia, and from both he had obtained consent. According to issued permits, there are no secret information.

In the organization described the researcher presented the charges baseless and demanded his release.

Kudryavtsev was arrested in July 2018 and accused of passing secret information about hypersonic technology Belgian Institute who has worked for the Ministry of defense. The prosecution says that this data can be used to create weapons. Official access to state secrets in physics was not. In may, the scientist extended the arrest for two months because of the spam on his email — he received a letter on the approved green card USA.

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