Baby black birthmark on his face called a monster


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The inhabitant of American state Florida complained of rude comments about her child with a black birthmark on the face. It is reported by the tabloid Metro.

35-year-old Carol Fenner (Carol Fenner) gave birth to a daughter Luna (Luna) in March of this year. The girl found a giant congenital melanocytic nevus of the face — a rare birthmark that is found in only one of the 20 thousand newborns. Doctors warned the mother that the child could have cancer. However, the MRI did not reveal a little patient dangerous disease.

A woman has shared a photo of the moon in social networks and are faced with rudeness from unknown users. Fenner remembered the nasty comments she received from men. “It may be better to kill her than to live with such a monster as the Moon?” — he wrote. American recognized that the appearance of her daughter may shock others, but she urged people to control their emotions.

Birthmark covers the eyes, nose, cheeks and most of the forehead four months of the moon. Despite the negative messages, many users supported the girl and her mother. According to Fenner, some of her followers called baby butterfly due to the shape of the birthmark. “People covered their faces with dark paint and sent us photos. When I saw them, I was overcome with emotion, — says the woman. — Because they broke away from their cases and tried to reassure us.”

Her parents fear that older age of their daughter will be fun. They’re already looking for a way without harm to her health to remove from the face of the huge birthmark: “Anomaly of the moon are very rare, so the surgeons give different advice. Someone says that the girl needs to grow up, while others claim that the operation should be carried out immediately.”

At the moment the parents raise money for upcoming treatments on the crowdfunding platform GoFundMe. “I want the Moon grew up and realized I am doing everything possible to help her,” concluded Fenner.

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