Coaching team Russia Finn called amazing Russian dish


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The head coach of man’s Russian national team on volleyball Finn Tuomas of Sammelvuo told about the peculiarities of life in Russia. His words are quoted

Sammelvuo said that he likes Russia and especially Russian cuisine. “The first thing that surprised me in Russia — soup… the Soup, a delicious soup, Oh, how I love him!” the coach noted.

Finn also said that he learned Russian language in 1.5 years of living in Russia. “Now may even have something to write, free to read news, sometimes I watch films,” he said.

43-year-old Finnish specialist led the team of Russia in March 2019. Under his leadership, the Russian team took third place in the preliminary round of the League of Nations. In the final part of the competition in a group of Russians got the United States and France in the other group — Brazil, Iran and Poland. Two best teams from each group will qualify to the semifinals.

The Russian team is the winner of the League of Nations 2018. Then the team was coached by Russian specialist Sergei Shlyapnikov.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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