Defines four main questions on the first date


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The author of the blog Swipe Life of Brianna Holt (Adam Holt) spoke about what questions are worth to ask during a first date via the Dating app Tinder.

She noted that these issues have been at it for Dating, as they allow you is better to define a person and how he really is, not as it presents itself in social networks. According to her, with their help, you can determine whether you keep Dating and how serious can be your relationship.

According to Holt, the first to ask a question about sign of the zodiac. She explained that does not believe in astrology completely, but drew attention to some human traits and match it with his zodiac. Secondly, the author was advised to ask about when the partner was last relationship. According to her, so it is possible in the future through clarifying questions to learn how people behaved then and what his experience, as well as to suggest which relationships are likely to emerge with it.

The following essential question Holt decided to learn about the musical tastes of a potential partner. According to the author, not necessarily that it was music, but something that has value and can become common interests. Among the options she cited the example of books, TV shows or TV series. And the fourth important issue, she decided to learn about abortion or other controversial topic. According to her, often avoiding topics such partners only months later realize that their points of view are very different in such matters, which leads to conflicts in quite a long relationship.

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