Disclosed the circumstances of the death of nine Russians drowned in the Oise


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The driver of the overturned Tuva minibus UAZ has ignored a safe route across the river Shui. About it in “Vkontakte” wrote the head of the region Sholban Kara-ool.

According to Kara-ool, the bridge on the river Shui is located three kilometers from the place where he drowned UAZ, crossing the river.

“It hurts and it is a pity that the driver didn’t reach the bridge, which was the scene of an accident just three kilometers”, — wrote the head of the region.

Kara-ool also listed the names of the dead: Khomushku Olcha M. (42 years), Khomushku Alash Arlenovich (grade 5), Salchak Pulse R. (10 years), Salchak Uranium R. (9 years old), Salchak rose R. (4 years), Salchak Cisat R. (2 years), ORAK ay-Puss Kirikova (4 years), Alday Orlan Sergek-oolovich (40 years). He said that the missing name is Salchak of Saisana M., she is 36 years old. It continues to look.

By the evening of 12 July from the car pulled nine bodies — two adults and seven children. Just in the car there were 14 people, they were carrying four live sheep, wrote Kara-ool. It is known that two were taken off the car before entering the river, two more came out when the car began to sink. In addition, it appeared that one of the victims was preparing for the wedding and went with the herders.

On July 12-13, in Tuva declared mourning for the victims, added Kara-ool.

Earlier it was reported that in the car there were 12 people. According to the investigation, in Bay-Tayginskiy district vehicle tried to drive through the river, but was overturned. Presumably, the driver had already passed along this route, but this time did not take into account the level of water rise during flood. In the end, the car turned over strong. The investigative Committee opened a criminal case under part 5 of article 264 of the criminal code (“Violation of traffic rules, entailed on imprudence death of two and more persons”).

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