Drunk in the afternoon on Thursday the Russians alarmed the Governor


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Vladimir Trefilov / RIA Novosti

The acting Governor of the Kurgan region Vadim Shumkov visited the local Park and met with drunken Russians. It alarmed them as a “day, Thursday”. About this Shumkov wrote in his Instagram account.

“One after another came five people. Who asked for a joint photo, who talk about the Soviet regime. Three of the five was drunk. In the afternoon, on Thursday. Take care my friends we need each. Sober,” wrote the official. In this regard, he said: “we Have a lot of work”.

“Draught of the store, apparently, hard to come by. Cheap beer, drink, and do not want. Books much more expensive, unfortunately, and the book on the fingers”, — said the Governor of the wearer of the social network in the comments.

Earlier in Omsk the elderly man with the beard and cassock was harassing people at the bus stop, swearing at them and threatened to murder the man who filmed it on video and made a comment. The video appeared in the network. The footage shows how the man in the black robe demanded from passers-by “to explain” who their father is. “I am 44 years… Go ****** [the hell] out of here, schmuck, ***** [damn,]” he said one of the women.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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