Emily Ratajkowski back in fashion haircut from the 90s


www.vsyako.netEmily Ratkowski: @emrata

American top model, actress and designer Emily Ratajkowski back in fashion popular in the 1990-ies hair. It is reported by Vogue.

The paparazzi photographed a model in new York with high beam and the two released strands of bangs framing her face at the sides. According to the newspaper, this look at the end of the last century was worn by celebrities, in particular Actresses Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen and singer Lindsay Lohan.

Your way Ratajkowski complements and other parts in the style of the 90s: it was narrow sunglasses, large Hoop earrings and small bright rectangular bag with a print under the skin of a snake.

This is not the first time Emily Ratajkowski was published in the popular in the last century things. In June she was spotted in Paris in a wide leather belt with a massive buckle. The editors of Vogue noted that this accessory was popular in the 1980-ies. In addition to belt, that day she was wearing a black crop top with a halter neckline, slim skirt with a high waist, leather sandals and a Burgundy bag on a gold chain.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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