Engineer from the suburbs all my life without half of brain


www.vsyako.netImage: Marina Anikina / center named after them. A. I. Burnazyan FMBA of Russia

Suburban doctors found the man, who lived over 60 years without half a brain. It is reported by MK.

The pensioner was admitted to the district hospital in the South of Moscow region in connection with transistor ischemic attack. “When radiologists made him a CT (computed tomography), then for a while was at a loss — the pensioner was missing that part of the brain where there was the same ischemic attack, told MK neurologist Federal centre for extrapyramidal diseases and mental health center named after them. A. I. Burnazyan Marina Anikina. — Instead of the left hemisphere in the picture, lay a black “hole””.

Apparently, the disturbance in brain development occurred in the early stage of pregnancy. The boy was born with only one hemisphere, which took over the functions of the absent. Despite this, he graduated from high school, served in the army, have received higher education and worked all his life as an engineer at one of the suburban factories. “He has not identified any problems with the locomotor apparatus, nor vision, nor with the psyche,” says Anikin.

The man refused the examination and after the completion of the ischemic attacks was discharged from the hospital. “I have lived a normal life, never bothered me a bit, and now I don’t need the extra “fame””, he said.

In 2018, it was reported that British and Australian, lost half of the brain, become friends. Both men survived the surgery, which removes or disables one of the hemispheres of the brain.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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