Fat the writer has posted photos in skimpy clothes and delighted fans


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A yoga teacher, writer and activist bodypositive Jessamyn Stanley (Jessamyn Stanley) shared a picture in which she is depicted in the outdoor clothing and called on women who are overweight not to hide their body. Her publication appeared in Instagram.

Photo 32-year-old woman posing at the top with a deep neckline and denim mini-shorts. “This summer I’ve seen more fat bitches in shorts, than ever. It is very difficult to show the real me people who are scared to death trembling thighs. So I appeal to anyone who ignores the comments of his colleagues, friends and family: give freedom to your body. I know how hard it is, and I see your priests, you are true warriors!” — praised Stanley in the description to the post.

Members of the activist enthusiastically embraced the publication. “I wore shorts for the first time in five years. This kind of freedom!” — admitted one of them. “Thanks to women like you and others full influencers, I wear shorts the past two summers and don’t worry about what everyone can see my swaying when walking the body. Thanks for sharing with us such posts and help us become stronger!” — thanking another. “You’re my personal heroine!” — said the third.

Photo Jessamyn Stanley has collected about 23 thousand likes.

Earlier in July, the most complete in the world model Tess Holliday congratulated the LGBT community with their day of photography in underwear. In the picture Holliday posing on the bed in the top of the rainbow colors and pink shorts in a room with neon lighting. In the description to the post, the woman admitted that has always been on the side of gays and that is still trying to define their own orientation.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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