Found a way to improve a photograph without photo editors


www.vsyako.netPhoto: @polina_marinova

Instagram bloggers invented a way to improve your images without using any image editors. According to The Daily Dot, that their members sometimes do not even recognize certain landmarks on the photos.

Bloggers learned how to add images to image reservoirs. For example, the photographs of the popular attractions in Bali, called Gates of heaven (Gates of Heaven), the structure is depicted standing by a small lake.

This is an optical illusion created with the help of improvised means. When shooting with a smartphone photographer makes the camera a small mirror reflecting the light, thereby mimicking the reflection of object from water.

Users were surprised by this way to change the reality in the photos. Fortune editor Polina Marinova (Polina Marinova) complained on Twitter that she “hopes and dreams were shattered” by the lack of real water at the Gate of Paradise.

User yummyamia also published a video of a long queue of people wanting to take pictures for likes on Instagram.

Previously Instagram-blogger from Australia Emily Hembrow puzzled users of the new picture. Commentators have noticed the oddity at the wall clock in the room where the photoshoot took place.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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