Gang members most dangerous criminals of Russia were found guilty of murder


www.vsyako.netNicholas Emelyanovo: Ministry of internal Affairs of the Russian Federation

Seven active participants of the organized crime community Nikolay Yemelyanov, known in criminal circles under the nickname Emelya, found guilty and not deserving indulgence. On Friday, July 12 “the” said Irina Zhirnova, the official representative of the Moscow district military court (MOVS).

“The panel of jurors unanimously found guilty and not deserving indulgence of all the accused,” — said Irina Zhirnova.

The current process repeated. In 2014, the jury acquitted these defendants, but the Supreme court overturned the acquittal of the violations, and sent the case for retrial.

According to investigators, Igor Galantsev, Sergei Novgorodov, Gennady Barney, Peter Turlaev, Oleg Tereshin, Igor Semenov and Andrey Gurov in the period from 2003 to 2011 were included in OPG, established and led by Nikolai Emelianov. And Galantsev (Hall) was the head of an independent gang known as Roslavl (through the city of Roslavl, where the headquarters of the group), and Novgorodov (Dive) was in her regular killer.

According to police, the OPG Emelyanov made a series of assassinations, and the victims were at least two thieves in the act and several authorities of the underworld, who tried to obstruct the work of emeli. In addition, the account group — the murder and the attempt on the life of law enforcement officers.

In particular, 20 Jun 2003 by gang members near a cafe in the street Chernyshevsky the city of Bryansk shot criminal authority Victor Bogdanov named Bassist. And on 4 November 2003 in preparation for custom-made murder of another crime boss, they, being in Kaluga, opened fire on two police officers who checked their documents. All the members of the gang Emelyanova suspected of committing 60 murders in Bryansk, Smolensk and Kaluga regions.

Nikolai Yemelyanov fled from law enforcement in 2009. He is among the ten most dangerous criminals of Russia for information about the whereabouts of the MIA of Russia guarantees the payment of one million rubles and total anonymity.

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