Georgian winemakers are up in arms against the insult, the wine Director of “Rustavi 2”



In the Georgian Kakheti from Gombori pass rally winemakers, demanding an apology from the Director General of the TV company “Rustavi 2” Nika Gvaramia. It is reported by the Georgian First channel.

According to the protesters, Gvaramia insulted Kakheti and the Georgian wine. The protesters blocked the road and chanted “Gvaramia, go away!”

July 10 issued a statement of the General Director of “Rustavi 2” about ready to pee in Georgian beverages exported to Russia.

Later it turned out that his promise was a translation error. In fact, he said that he doesn’t care about Georgian producers of mineral water and wine. “I wanted to spit on “Borjomi” and wine. Which means we have to say that [Russian President Vladimir] Putin is good for that could anyone to import “Borjomi”, wines and “Nabeglavi”? I piss on all three, I don’t care,” said Gvaramia.

Residents of Georgia in social networks has criticized the statement of Director General of “Rustavi 2”. Users Facebook called word Gvaramia “the eruption of poison” and “idiocy”. They believe that the head of the channel allows itself such statements, because he does not own a business that might suffer from the imposition of sanctions.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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