In Japan, the singer was going to sue the government because of the inaction of the police


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Japanese pop singer Mayu Tomita sued the government because of the fact that, in her opinion, the police have not done enough to protect her from assassination of a man named Tomohiro Iwasaki. It is reported by CNN.

Mayu Tomita filed a lawsuit in the Tokyo district court on Wednesday, July 10, demanding damages in the amount of 76 million yen (701 $ 400) from the city government, her former agent and her assailant in 2016 Tomohiro Iwasaki, which caused the singer 61 stab wound.

The attack on the artist occurred near the building, where was her concert. According to Mayu Tomita, before the shooting she told the police that received 140 notifications, messages including death threats, from Tomohiro Iwasaki. The man decided to kill the girl after she refused to marry him and returned him all the presents.

Attorney singer stated that the crime easily been prevented if the police had taken effective measures. He noted that after the attack, the artist started to have vision problems, in addition, it was post traumatic stress.

Tomohiro Iwasaki was convicted of attempted murder and sentenced in February 2017 to 14 years and six months imprisonment.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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