In Norway responded to the “leak” K-278 “Komsomolets”


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Norwegian experts have not opened the case of the sunken Soviet nuclear submarine (SSN) K-278 “Komsomolets” reports TV 2 the statement of the leader of the expedition to the submarine Hilda Alice Heldal.

“We filmed [the video] all I did. We broke the case. Leakage [of radiation] Russians themselves set before”, — said the scientist.

Thus Heldal commented on the statement by the editor of the magazine “Arsenal Fatherland” Alexei Leonova that the Norwegians during the last expedition to the Premier League to reopen the case of a submarine. According to her, on the part of Russia in the expedition was attended by only one person, and other Russian scientists who planned to participate in the event, subsequently changed his mind.

In early July of a study conducted remote controlled unmanned underwater vehicle (TNLA) Ægir 6000 research vessel G. O. Sars, has allowed to establish that the maximum level of radiation near the sunken nuclear submarine K-278 “Komsomolets” in 800 thousand times higher than normal.

The submarine K-278 Komsomolets, project 685 “Fin” sank on 7 April 1989 at a depth of 1680 metres, 180 km South of Bear island in the Norwegian sea. Of the 69 who were on the submarine 42 people were killed. The disaster has sparked a fire in the seventh compartment of the submarine. K-278 “Komsomolets” holds the record for dives (1027 meters). The submarine has a nuclear power plant (YASU) and two torpedoes with plutonium warheads.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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