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To repay a mortgage loan should Russians for three to five years. About it reports the edition “Federal Press”, citing the economist, the rector of Academy of labor and social relations Alexander Safonov.

The repayment period of the mortgage in excess of the five years means for the borrower to higher risks of delinquency and nonpayment due to periodic crises in the economy.

“Stretch liability to the Bank (…) we have dangerous. We know many examples when the economy collapsed, and people lost their jobs and income. But the system we have is a ruthless, immediately starting to withdraw investments”, — said Safonov.

The exception to this rule can become a privileged category of borrowers to which the state applies more gently, said the economist.

According to Safonov, the mortgage in Russia is still a working tool to solve the housing problem. As the expert stressed, are subject to availability at the same time to rent a house and save for an apartment, without resorting to loans should prefer this option.

“I would recommend to buy a small housing as a transitional accumulation. For example, saved up and bought a “odnushku”. Then pile up — I changed it to “kopeck piece”,” — said the economist.

Previously, experts of the “National Association of collection agencies” (NAPCA) has collected statistics taken by the Russians mortgage loans and found that the average monthly mortgage payment in the country is around 16-17 thousand rubles.

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