Norway before Russia “heard” the explosion of K-141 “Kursk”


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The Norwegian intelligence service (LDCs), 12 August 2000 and immediately found out about the incident with the Russian nuclear submarine (SSN) K-141 “Kursk” project 949A “Antey”, writes NRK.

Norwegian broadcasting organization drew attention to the published on may 29, the American edition of The Intercept document, dated October 6, 2006, which is located in Oslo, an employee of the national security Agency (NSA) of the USA talks about the surveillance of the Russian submarine. The document States that the LDCs knew the location of the damaged nuclear submarines, and the Armed forces of Norway have an extensive network of underwater reconnaissance sensors that monitor movements and activities of foreign submarines.

“Thanks to the capacity of LDCs to monitor the Russian submarine fleet, they are the first to know when the ship exploded, and continued to monitor the situation throughout the rescue operation”, — stated in the description of the document.

In the document NSA employee claimed that the LDCs knew about the disaster K-141 “Kursk” for 3.5 hours before the alarm message entered in the Northern fleet of the Navy (Navy) of Russia. In particular, it is noted that the Norwegian experts, receiving data about the second explosion on the submarine, have realized that the inside of the submarine entered the water, causing the submarine a few seconds was on the bottom of the Barents sea at a depth of 108 meters. It also says that the NSA employee received from Norwegian colleagues the audio recording of the collision of the hull of the Russian submarine from the sea floor.

In his publication NRK accuses the Armed forces of Norway that, knowing the scale of the disaster, service first alerted the American party, not the Norwegian organization responsible for radiation safety, in particular the Norwegian Agency for radiation and nuclear safety. Broadcaster writes that the Norwegian scouts are showing excessive loyalty to the American side to the detriment of national interests.

NRK admits that, as with K-141 “Kursk”, the LDCs immediately heard about the incident with the Russian nuclear deep-water station as-31 “Losharik” project 10831 in the Barents sea, which occurred July 1.

In December 2018, captain of the third rank stock Maxim Klimov said that the Russian Navy lacks modern means of detection low noise us military submarines.

Missile-carrying nuclear submarine cruiser K-141 “Kursk” project 949A “Antey” sank 12 August 2000 in the Barents sea at a depth of 108 meters. All 118 crew members died. The catastrophe was caused by the explosion of torpedoes combat rack “kit” 65-76 PV serial number 1336А. Rescue work conducted by the Northern fleet from 13 to 20 August, were unsuccessful. To open the aft emergency escape hatch of the submarine succeeded Aug 21, Norwegian divers vessel Seaway Eagle.

According to “top secret”, the former commander of the Northern fleet, Admiral Vyacheslav Popov, being 12 August 2000 on Board the heavy nuclear missile cruiser “Peter the Great”, received the report about the discovery gidroakustiki ship flash cotton, however, ignored this information and flew by helicopter to the aircraft carrier “Admiral Kuznetsov”, but the Bank informed the journalists about successful testing. This delayed the rescue work for 11 hours-and-death survivors in the ninth compartment of the K-141 “Kursk” submariners 23.

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